Meet Us

Bethy Leonardi, PhD

Bethy is an assistant professor in Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Bouler. Before earning her PhD, Bethy spent 16 years as a secondary English and math teacher in Louisiana, California, and Colorado. A New Orleans native, Bethy has long been interested in issues of equity in public schools. She believes in the power of public education to bring about positive social change, and through her work, she hopes to contribute to that change. She also loves hiking, laughing, eating delicious food, and spending time with her dog, Fran.

Areas of Expertise: Social and cultural foundations of education, education policy and reform, gender and sexual diversity in schools, democratic theory, critical, transformative, and queer pedagogies, professional development, qualitative methods

Sara Staley, PhD

Sara is an assistant professor in Teacher Learning, Research, and Practice in the School of Education at the University of Colorado Bouler. After earning her undergraduate degree and teacher licensure from the University of Kansas, Sara spent six years as a language arts teacher, primarily in southern California. Her classroom teaching experience fueled curiosities about how teachers learn and develop anti-oppressive practices,, and in 2008 she moved to Boulder, Colorado, in pursuit of a PhD. In her work, Sara is deeply committed to living commitments to justice, public education, and the profession of teaching, and she is grateful for the support that has helped grow A Queer Endeavor. Things that make Sara happy include compassion, when national leaders act with integrity and humanity, the rolling plains of Kansas, deep belly laughs, and rainbows.

Areas of Expertise: Teacher learning, queer-inclusive and anti-oppressive teaching practices, LGBTQ+ youth in schools, queer theory and queer pedagogy.

Brittni Laura Hernandez, MA

Brittni Laura is a queer xicana from Northern Colorado, with roots in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. She is a Secondary Language Arts educator who centers students, queer practices, and critical literacy in her classroom. Brittni Laura received a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado Boulder. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Community Leadership from CU Boulder as well. Brittni Laura has facilitated equity and diversity trainings for educators, community organizations, and students alike. She enjoys
spending time with her family including her new baby Nayeli René! She is honored to carry on
her family’s traditions with land, food, education, and community. Brittni Laura has worked with
A Queer Endeavor as a student, Equity Teacher Leader, and now as a colleague. We are honored
to have her as part of our team and look forward to building her involvement into a full-time